Young married couples who have reached the age of 18 but have not yet reached the age of 41 are entitled to child support. This description is true for many couples, but if you look at all the conditions, it turns out that many are deprived of baby support. These are the pitfalls of a baby loan.

Who no longer have children


There are two options for families where children were born years ago and no baby is planned:

  1. If the wife has not yet reached the age of 41, they can apply for a loan – provided they meet the other conditions. In their case, the issue is interest-free: if the child is not born within 5 years of the application, the loan becomes market-based and the interest rate subsidy for the first 5 years of the term has to be repaid.

  2. If the wife is over 41, they will not be able to apply for the loan, even with interest.

Those who have a baby in late June


Children born before the baby loan (July 1) are not eligible for support. Parents of babies arriving in the last days of June will be particularly penalized, as they have been expecting the child at the time of Viktor Orbán’s announcement in February, but they will not be entitled to interest-free after their baby is born.

Even if the couples are initially expecting the baby after July 1st, they eventually lose interest rate subsidies, but arrive sooner, for example. because of premature birth. In this case, the baby was “written for later” in vain, since interest relief is only available for children born within 5 years of applying for the loan.

In their case, they will need another childbearing to be free of interest. For children born at the end of June, it is not possible to suspend repayment under the Regulation.

Those who are not married and do not want to get married

Those who are not married and do not want to get married

Since babysitting support is only available to married couples, those who are not married and do not plan to have one will lose out. Even though they have been in a partnership for a couple of years, they may have several children, but they will not be eligible for a baby loan.

It is no exception if a couple in a cohabiting relationship is expecting a baby, is expected to be born after July 1, and is eligible for a baby loan outside of the wedding. It is also not a good idea to get married after the baby is born since, in order to qualify for interest, the claim must precede the birth of the baby.

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