The most complicated thing is to have access to the entire offer and to those details, because today when you go to a financial branch and even if you ask for it, they don’t give you that small print, which you only see in the contract.

You have to have that small print in the mortgage deed



On whether they apply us well or badly, 99% will be well applied. Another thing is that the issue of minimums etc. was ignored in its day.
It is true that there are many loans with minimums and much less without minimums, but today it is quite expensive to make a mortgage subrogation and go to another entity and surely nothing profitable.

To recover those amounts destined to commissions for subrogation etc, an average can be over 20 months above, or translating in another way: everything you spend to change banks will be recovered in the monthly difference of the mortgage in about 20 months. By the time those 20 months have elapsed, the Euribor will no longer be where it is and you may not have time to recover what was spent since the Euribor plus the differential will be above the minimum.

Operations are carried out at that price

Operations are carried out at that price


On the other hand, that the Euribor is at 1.23% does not mean that operations are carried out at that price. Moreover, that price is not in the market.
Most mortgage loans have a much higher initial on 2, xx and the opposite case the war of deposits is also above 2, xx.
Nobody pays the customer 2, xx and lends at 1.23-1.75%.

Home insurance that I can do with anyone

Home insurance that I can do with anyone


In the SI market there are mortgages below 2%. I am about to sign one at Euribor + 0.39, with no minimum, no requirement to contract other products with them, not even home insurance that I can do with anyone.

It has no partial or total early cancellation fees, nor does it have creditor subrogation commissions (change of entity)… It is a question of asking in more than one entity. Ask, ask and ask again, and compare. Apart from making a reasonable loan request.

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