Biden ignores delay in infrastructure vote and is confident in passing two major bills


Amna Nawaz:

When you ask the White House where the president was, they said, well, he was very involved. The White House has been involved from the start.

They repeatedly appoint a team of senior advisers and senior executives who they say have been in close contact with every group and faction in the Democratic caucus. This is the group they designate. We have seen them before. They are leading the charge on Capitol Hill.

Susan Rice, of course, heads the Home Policy Council. Ron Klain is the chief of staff, Brian Deese, who heads the Economic Council, Louisa Terrell, who heads legislative affairs, and Steve Ricchetti, of course, who is a senior adviser to the president.

The White House says, look, a lot of them were on the Hill until midnight last night. Since September 1, there have been over 300 calls and meetings with members and directors of staff. They say, we have pleaded, we have been there, we have been involved.

But, today, they say – and press secretary Jen Psaki was asked about it during the briefing – today was the day President Biden felt it was the day to go and plead directly with of these members, reassure them, we will get there, compromises will be reached, they must be made, both sides must give a little.

No direct timeline. But he wants to reassure them that they are moving forward, he is committed.

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