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France has been included in a separate category in the government’s travel list system, as double-bitten travelers from the EU country will be the only ones still in isolation upon arrival in the UK. Rules governing the entry of residents and citizens of Amber List countries are due to change on Monday as most coronavirus lockdown measures are relaxed, but new rules for France were announced on Friday evening. LREM! MEP Véronique Trillet-Lenoir denounced Boris Johnson’s government for this “inconsistent” decision because she said the concerns expressed about the spread of the beta variant of Covid from mainland France were unfounded.

Asked about the reaction of the French government to this decision, Mrs. Trillet-Lenoir told the Today program: “I am sure that the decision will be very difficult to understand.

“This is slightly inconsistent with the threatening lifting of most COVID-19 legal restrictions in England from Monday.

“I fully understand the concern of UK nationals and ask myself, as a doctor, why impose such restrictions on entry from one country to another where the infection rate is skyrocketing much higher?”

She continued: “The beta variant is for the moment absolutely not detected in metropolitan France but only in certain French overseas territories such as those of the Indian Ocean.

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“I wonder if the UK authorities might be concerned about the known low protective capacity of the AstraZeneca vaccine against this variant.

“But once again, it is not present in France, in metropolitan France, at all.”

Today, presenter Mishal Hussain, however, questioned this claim, saying: “At all? Are you saying that there is no case in mainland France?

Ms. Trillet-Lenoir replied: “There are no longer any cases in mainland France. The variant is located in Reunion, which is an island in the Indian Ocean both very far from France and England.

“So it’s really hard to understand from a health point of view.”

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