Georgia’s bid for EU membership is the result of Ukraine’s struggle

Georgia’s application for EU membership

According to Georgian President Salome Zurabishvili, the fact that Georgia applied so quickly for EU membership is a merit of the Ukrainian people.

“The path to European integration now looks completely different. At present, Georgia has already applied for EU membership. This is a great merit of the Ukrainians, their daily struggle, and for this we can only thank them. Because without that, there would be nothing and we should not consider that we have done something special and that suddenly we have become worthy of everything. It is their merit, and we will follow that,” the Georgian president said.

According to her, “I can’t tell you what the reaction of the EU will be”, but it partly depends on Georgia:

“…how are we going to act during this period and to what extent will we be ready to really engage in what needs to be done in this country to make Georgia a European country in various areas such as the rule of law, legal system, economic development, etc.

Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova are awaiting EU candidate status. All three countries simultaneously applied for EU membership. This process was accelerated by the war in Ukraine.

Georgia applied for EU membership on March 3. On April 11, Georgia received the first part of the EU self-assessment questionnaire to be completed. Questionnaires have also been received by Ukraine and Moldova, and they have already completed them.

Georgia completed the second part of the questionnaire on 9 May and transmitted it to the EU.

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