Governor on “Test to Stay”: we are refining the guidelines

So his position is clear.

“My point of view is that every child should go back to school unless they are positive,” she said.

Over the past few weeks, NYS has shipped millions of rapid COVID test kits to school districts, and Governor Hochul has consistently talked about the “Test to Stay” program as a way to ensure that even children exposed to COVID-19 can continue to learn in person as long as he remains asymptomatic and the test is negative for the virus.

But here’s the problem: The guidelines that the New York State Department of Health recently released for school districts regarding testing to stay say they should only be considered if the exhibition took place at the school between masked pupils. But if the two students are properly masked, they are not considered close contacts and therefore will not be quarantined. And, until now, it didn’t matter where the exhibition had taken place.

News10NBC Investigative reporter Jennifer Lewke asked Governor Hochul directly about it.

Jennifer Lewke – Governor of the Finger Lakes region, schools here were actually the first to adopt Test to Stay, but the state’s new guidelines are removing almost some of it. State guidelines say they can only test to stay if the exposure took place at the school. You have been very clear, most of our county leaders have been very clear that there is no high transmission in school, it is outside of school, so is it? that this is being considered for a change?

Governor Hochul Sure, we tweak everything and react to what the CDC allows us to do and then we have to adapt… You are absolutely right. It is believed that if they are next to a child who tests positive, instead of bringing the whole class home because there could have been an exposure and these children stay home for 10 days which is extremely disturbing, I was literally with one of my employees and she looked at her text and said “Oh my gosh my kids are coming home for another 10 days they just got back because they’ve been exposed to someone else, ”we can’t do that, it’s almost as disruptive, is to say it’s remotely full time and it has to stop. So, let’s be smart about it. Asking where the exhibition is coming from is a different question but I think we can get to the same place, we can really get to the same place where there is minimal disruption. Test to come back if you have been exposed, show a negative result but retest in three days. This is not just an isolated case, we have to take a test again just to confirm it and so we can have more stability in our school system.

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