If you have already checked your credit history and realized that you are blacklisted or delinquent, you should keep calm because there is always a way to clear your name.

First of all, you should know that being on the Credit Bureau list can be something positive since this risk center assigns a score and this can be positive.

Appearing in the Credit Bureau is for lenders to have data to consider you as a potential client. Many times it may be more problematic not to appear on the Credit Bureau list because you would not have any history (neither positive nor negative).

In Mexico, the classification as delinquent is recorded for a certain time depending on the amount of the debt.

The best way to accelerate the passage is to cancel the debt as soon as possible.

Quick exit from the list of delinquents from the Credit Bureau (paying)

Quick exit from the list of delinquents from the Credit Bureau (paying)

If you have reviewed the debt and you agree, the first thing you should do is contact the creditor to negotiate the payment.

Afterwards, you will have to pay the loan according to what was negotiated.

When you start paying the agreed payment plan for your debt, your credit history will begin to be positively affected.

Once the debt is settled, you have to ask the creditor to contact the Credit Bureau to update your data from “debtor” to “paid.”

This way you will have “left the Credit Bureau”.

Leave the Credit Bureau without paying

Leave the Credit Bureau without paying

As we have already said, all private risk centers have a maximum time to remain on their list of delinquents, whether or not the debt is paid in the end.

This means that if a person has a debt and does not pay it, he will remain on the list of the Credit Bureau for a time depending on the amount of the debt.

This is called prescription of the debt and it is mandatory that they comply with it by law.

The different periods for the prescription depend on the amount, classified by Investment Units (UDI):

  • Up to 25 UDIS (around $ 113) are eliminated after one year.
  • From 26 to 500 UDIS (plus or minus $ 2,260) are eliminated after two years.
  • 501 to 1000 UDIS (plus or minus $ 4,520) are eliminated after 4 years.
  • Over 1000 UDIS are removed after 6 years, but there are extra conditions.

These terms begin to run from the report of delinquency by the creditor.

Robin recommends that you never hire a third party that promises to speed up the process to remove you from the delinquent list, since by law this process cannot be accelerated.

If the necessary time for the prescription of the debt is already fulfilled and still figures in the list of delinquents, it is convenient that you take an active attitude. Obtain all the supporting documentation that you can (for example, signing a loan contract, with dates) and send it to the Credit Bureau by traditional or electronic mail.

However, even if the Credit Bureau deletes you from its files, it is possible that in other files you may appear with the “old debtor” profile. For this reason we always recommend you keep a good credit history, avoiding falling into default.

Personal loans without checking 

Personal loans without checking 

We already show you different ways to disappear from the Bureau, and the reason you probably want to do it is to ask for a loan. However, even if you are in the Bureau it is not impossible to obtain a new credit.

Given the number of users that are in this situation, many loan companies in Mexico now offer loans without consulting the Credit Bureau so that is an option that you can always try.

In any case, it is a good idea to improve your situation in the Bureau, as it will open more opportunities for you and you will be able to access loans with lower interests.

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