Liz Truss pledges to ‘be bold’ with the economy as second-round voting begins

LOrd Frost, the former chief Brexit negotiator, told Talk TV he would have “serious reservations” about Penny Mordaunt becoming prime minister.

Citing his time at her side during the Brexit negotiations, when Mordaunt was her junior, Lord Frost said she was “not entirely in charge or always visible”.

“To be honest, I’m quite surprised she’s where she is in this race. She was my assistant – nominally more than actually – during the Brexit talks last year,” he said.

“I’m sorry to say, she didn’t master the necessary details in the negotiations last year. She didn’t always deliver tough messages to the European Union when necessary and I’m afraid “She wasn’t fully in charge or always visible. Sometimes I didn’t even know where she was.”

“I’m afraid it has become such a problem that after 6 months I had to ask the Prime Minister to move her and find someone else to support me.”

“If you want to be a PM, you have to be able to take responsibility, operate the machine, make tough decisions and deliver tough messages. Anyone can appear in a video and say ‘I promise you my countries”, but that’s what you do in practice.”

“From what I’ve seen, I would have serious reservations.”

Mordaunt finished second in the first round of MP voting yesterday, behind former Chancellor Rishi Sunak.

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