Macron to facilitate Sofia-Skopje dialogue –

French President Emmanuel Macron should take measures to facilitate the Sofia-Skopje dialogue and move things forward, French Ambassador Cyrille Baumgartner said in an interview with TV Alsat’s “360 degrees” program.

“I think the next question will be – what exactly is it, but I would keep it low-key, because the most important thing is to be efficient, to have activities that will unblock the process and get the result. that everyone wants today, and that resolves the situation as soon as possible to start EU membership negotiations, ”Baumgartner said.

“This means that we are not in a phase of public communication, but in a phase of mobilization, and to increase the chances of success, we sometimes have to be very discreet because the most important thing is to be convincing and have a rational approach that will eventually bring the desired result, ”he added.

French Ambassador to Bulgaria Florence Robine said in a television interview that she was aware that there was a dispute between Sofia and Skopje, but that most important was the need to create an opportunity for reconciliation between the two countries.

She spoke of France’s priorities during the next presidency, which consist in particular in taking measures to open up positive avenues for the country and not provoke a situation where it could be destabilized. In addition, Bulgaria, an EU member state, could do more to help.

The French Ambassador also said that Bulgaria’s legal interests must be protected.

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