Meet Kavitha George, Alaska Public Media’s New Morning Host



Alaska Morning News and local Anchorage KSKA listeners may notice a new voice on the radio starting this week.

Kavitha George, a former city reporter, is our new morning host. She picks up the morning mic from Abbey Collins, who graced the airwaves for three years.

We recently asked Kavitha to tell us a bit about herself, to find out more about the reporter behind the voice. Here’s what Kavitha had to say about how she got into journalism, life on the city beat, and her new sleep schedule for the 5am shift:

Kavitha George at Kodiak, where she previously reported for KMXT. George is Alaska Public Media’s new morning news host.

Tell us a bit about your background and how you got into the news.

I am originally from California. I was raised on public radio and always loved to write, but I went to college thinking I would be a doctor. The day I finished my last pre-med school course (cry, biochemistry!), I decided that was not the way for me and signed up for a journalism class. I loved reporting, especially on the radio. After graduation, I did an internship at KTOO in Juneau, then moved to Kodiak to work on KMXT writing. I arrived in Anchorage a year ago and discover new things to love about it every day.

You have covered city government for the past year. What was the most exciting story or experience you have had?

Covering the 2021 municipal elections was really exciting. It was a very divided field with a lot of emotion and intensity on the part of the campaigns and their supporters. After covering COVID-19 in Kodiak and Anchorage, it was also interesting to see how the pandemic played a central role in candidate platforms and voter opinions. Based on turnout alone, Anchorage has never been so involved in a local election, so there was a lot to learn and help explain the big issues to listeners.

You will be in charge of the economic report in addition to hosting the morning show. Do you have any types of business stories you hope to cover?

Yes! The economic pace is very varied, and I look forward to finding stories from all corners of our state, from economic development to business profiles to long-term trends as we begin to emerge from COVID-19. If you have a tip, send it to me – [email protected]

What is your strategy for integrating sleep into the morning schedule? Take a nap ? Go to sleep early ? Sleep at work? Coffee IV?

This is a difficult question! I used to get up around 5 a.m. to do figure skating before high school, so I have some experience here. I’m definitely not a morning person, but usually a combination of a nap and an early bedtime does the trick. My predecessor Abbey Collins very kindly left me a care package on my desk which included a bag of coffee beans – another must for early morning awakenings.

What the public might not know about hosting a morning show?

You can be nervous even without a visible audience! I think most presenters have had the experience of freezing to a live microphone even though you can’t see your listeners. It takes a bit of practice, but ultimately it’s such a fun and rewarding job!

You can follow Kavitha on Twitter @kavithamgeorge


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