Metrika provides end-to-end monitoring and operational intelligence for the Algorand blockchain

The Metrika platform equips Algorand and its ecosystem builders with unparalleled monitoring tools to ensure network security and resilience.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., July 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Metrika, the leader in operational intelligence for blockchain networks, today announced a community infrastructure agreement allowing members of the Algorand ecosystem open and public access to use Metrika’s industry-leading platform to monitor , analyze performance and receive free real-time alerts for the Algorand network. This integration will set a higher standard for blockchain performance and reliability and redefine the standard for resiliency, performance, and operational excellence through Metrika’s advanced capabilities.

Algorand is a leading performance blockchain that accelerates convergence between decentralized and traditional business models. Currently, over 2,000 global organizations leverage Algorand, including Circle, Drone Racing League, Limewire, PlanetWatch, and many more to support massive transaction volumes while maintaining the highest levels of performance. Launched on Mainnet in 2019, the Algorand blockchain has achieved a rare achievement in the blockchain world: zero network downtime.

“As one of the largest Layer 1 blockchains, Algorand is known for its high speed, low latency, fast finality, and 100% uptime since launch. The monitoring and Metrika’s network alert have been incredibly helpful in the continued quest to maintain this 100% The fact that Metrika’s tools are now available to the entire Algorand ecosystem is a clear win, bringing deep operational intelligence and community trust in any service or product built on Algorand,” said Paul Riegleproduct manager at Algorand.

This new offering allows anyone within Algorand’s thriving ecosystem to use Metrika for end-to-end visibility into the operational health of the blockchain network as well as insights through community alerts and dashboards.

“As blockchain networks grow, they become more decentralized. This poses significant challenges for the community when it comes to maintaining network health and preserving trust,” said Nikos Andrikogiannopoulos, CEO of Metrika. “We are delighted that Algorand is leveraging the Metrika platform to monitor and help manage the performance of its entire network. With this improved integration, Algorand can continue to focus on creating the best possible technology and continue to drive adoption in its network.

Metrika was founded in Cambridge, MA, with a deep commitment to making blockchain networks reliable as they evolve for the web3. Metrika is currently working with major blockchain ecosystems and industry groups such as Algorand, Algorand Foundation, Dapper Labs, Flow Foundation, Hedera Hashgraph, HBAR Foundation, Axelar, IDB Lab, LACChain, Blockdaemon, Hyperledger Besu, ConsenSys, ConsenSys Quorum, Blockchain Association, Blockchain Business Consulting and more.

For more information on the Metrika operational platform and additional personalized offers, please visit or check out the full platform experience for networking communities at

About Metrika

Metrika provides the industry’s only operational intelligence platform for blockchain networks and applications, including cryptocurrency and gaming applications, where continued peak performance is critical. Through its Metrika Insights platform, blockchain communities, node operators, and applications gain the visibility, actionable insights, and tools needed to maintain network-wide performance and ensure continued trust as ‘it’s becoming more decentralized and distributed. For more information, visit us at or follow us on LinkedIn.

About Algorand

Algorand transforms business models and economies of all kinds. Founded by Turing Award-winning cryptographer Silvio Micali, Algorand’s high-performance Layer 1 blockchain is unparalleled in bringing fast, frictionless, and inclusive technologies to everyone. Algorand is reshaping every industry, from TradFi and DeFi to new creator economies and beyond. With an extraordinary commitment to interoperability and consistent delivery, our sustainable technology drives greater participation, transparency and efficiency for everyone. As the technology of choice for over 2000 global organizations, the Algorand ecosystem transforms the next generation of financial products, protocols and value exchange. For more information, visit is building the technology to power the future of finance (FutureFi), the convergence of traditional and decentralized models into a unified system that is inclusive, frictionless and secure. Founded by Turing Award-winning cryptographer Silvio Micali, Algorand has developed a blockchain infrastructure that provides the interoperability and ability to handle the volume of transactions required by the challenge, financial institutions and governments for a smooth transition to FutureFi. The technology of choice for over 500 global organizations, Algorand enables the simple creation of next-generation financial products, protocols, and value exchange. For more information, visit

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