Monroe County Board of Principals writes to Cuomo about reopening guidelines


The board, which represents more than 20 school districts, made the following suggestions for reopening guidelines:

  • Leave the decision to offer distance learning to individual school boards.
  • Eliminate all distancing requirements due to high vaccination percentages and scarce evidence of transmission in schools.
  • Do not require masks on the outside based on guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and allow school districts to work with their local health departments to decide on masking guidelines inside.
  • Do not require schools to collect or track immunization data.
  • Eliminate outdoor capacity requirements, and either eliminate indoor capacity requirements as well, or allow vaccination rates to make them more flexible.
  • Do not require students or staff to be tested unless schools remain optional if COVID-19 rates in a district or school increase.
  • That infection rates used in making decisions about opening or closing schools be based on school-specific infection rates, not on infection rates in the community.
  • That cleaning and disinfection procedures be updated based on the most recent scientific information regarding surface transmission.
  • Eliminate daily health screening requirements.
  • That while masking and distancing requirements remain in place, vaccination rates for individual schools be used for flexibility based on school or district.
  • This orientation for student-athletes, performing arts programs, physical education, and food and transportation services follows the same guidelines.

In the letter, MCCOSS says that as superintendents, its members need guidance as soon as possible in order to put in place reopening plans and communicate them to families and staff.

Letter from the Governor of MCCOSS – July by News10NBC on Scribd

Last week, MCCOSS President Bo Wright spoke to News10NBC investigative reporter Jennifer Lewke about the difficulties superintendents face when trying to plan to reopen schools without knowing what the guidelines will be. New York State.

The state continues to tell News10NBC that it is still working on the guidance, so on Tuesday we asked some of our lawmakers if they were pushing.

“I can’t wait for our kids to go back to school in September,” Coven Demond Meeks (D-Rochester) said. “We know that digital learning our virtual learning doesn’t work for many of our children and we look forward to the opportunity to put our children back in the classroom. And as a government, we have to do everything in our power. to ensure there are no barriers. “

“We really need to have local control and local input on any sort of direction when it comes to the health ministry at the state level,” said Assembly Member Josh Jensen (R- Greece).

News10NBC will continue to check with the New York State Department of Health about guidelines for reopening schools.

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