Montenegrin and Croatian Fms push to resolve outstanding issues as good neighbors

ZAGREB, 27 May 2022 – Croatia wants to continue developing good neighborly relations with Montenegro, help it on its way to the EU and discuss outstanding issues in the spirit of good neighborly relations, the Minister said Croatian Foreign Minister after meeting his Montenegrin host in Cetinje. Friday.

Underlining that this was his third visit to Montenegro in a short time, Croatian Foreign and European Affairs Minister Gordan Grlić Radman said that Montenegro could continue to count on Zagreb’s support on the way to its full EU membership.

However, he stressed the importance of opening dialogue and settling outstanding issues between the two countries.

“I believe that issues should be resolved in a spirit of mutual respect and good neighborly relations and within the framework of international law. This involves resolving the plight of missing persons, the prosecution of war crimes and the rights of victims. war,” said Grlić Radman after the talks with Ranko Krivokapić from Montenegro.

Grlić Radman added that this also involves the problem of border demarcation and the ownership of the training ship Jadran which is now in the hands of the Montenegrin Navy.

The two ministers discussed renaming the winter pool in Kotor, which was renamed last year in honor of water polo player Zoran Džimi Gopčević, who was a guard at the infamous war camp of Morinj, which led Croatia to send a note of protest to the then government in Montenegro.

Grlić Radman said he hoped an agreement would be reached for the long-term rental of premises in Donja Lastva near Tivat by the Croatian minority.

The two officials also discussed an initiative to erect a monumental plaque as a sign of respect to a Montenegrin JNA general, Vladimir Barović, who committed suicide on the island of Vis during the JNA attack. against Croatia because he had refused the order to bomb Croatian coastal towns.

“Barović showed humanity as honest and fair people do, people who do not wish to cause harm to a nation that has done no harm to its compatriots,” Grlić Radman said.

He further underlined Croatia’s support for the Croatian minority in Montenegro and its organisations: the Croatian National Council and the Croatian Civil Initiative. He welcomed the decision of the new Montenegrin government to appoint a Croat – Adrian Vuksanović – as government minister.

Krivokapić thanked Croatia for supporting Montenegro in its efforts to meet the EU membership criteria.

“Croatia has given us full support in this area with the wish to resolve some outstanding issues as soon as possible. Promoting historical memory, repentance and reconciliation on the examples of Morinj, Dubrovnik and other issues, we let’s build new trust, showing our willingness to apologize and take responsibility for all mistakes, mainly from Montenegro,” Krivokapić said.

The two officials agreed that the current geopolitical situation has opened the door of the EU to new members and that Montenegro must fulfill all the membership criteria as soon as possible and start closing the chapters of the negotiations.

After the meeting, Grlić Radman and Krivokapić laid wreaths at a monument marking the Christmas uprising 104 years ago and Montenegro’s fight for independence.

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