Poll: over 80% of Ukrainians support Ukraine’s EU membership, only 4% are against

Over 70% of respondents were in favor of NATO membership, 7% were against.

More than 80% of Ukrainians support Ukraine’s EU membership, compared to only 4%.

This is confirmed by the investigation carried out by the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology (KIIS).

Thus, in the event of a referendum on EU membership, 81% of all respondents would vote “for” membership. “Against” EU membership – 4%. The remaining 15% would not participate in the vote or would be undecided.

Support is somewhat lower for NATO membership, but the vast majority of Ukrainians would vote ‘for’ – 71% of all respondents, while 7% would vote ‘against’.

22% of the Ukrainians questioned would not take part in the vote or would not have a precise position on this question.

According to KIIS data, in the recalculation of respondents who would participate in the expression of will, the referendum on EU membership would have 96% of the votes “for”, on the referendum on EU membership NATO – 91%.

Compared to June 2021, the share of those who support EU membership has increased from 52% to 81%. Also during this period, the proportion of those who support NATO membership rose from 48% to 71%. Moreover, in the case of the EU – from 19% to 4%, and in the case of NATO – from 24% to 7%, the proportion of those who oppose Ukraine’s membership to these organizations has declined.

Attention is drawn to the fact that EU membership until 2013 was actually supported only by residents of western Ukraine. In the centre, although support for EU membership prevailed, it was not the majority of the population. In the south and east, opponents of Ukraine’s EU membership won the day (only a quarter would vote ‘for’ EU membership in a referendum). As of 2021, the vast majority in the west and center supported EU membership. The south was dominated by the pro-memberships, although they numbered less than half. In the East, opponents of entry have won. Since July 2022, the majority of residents in the west, center, south and east support Ukraine’s entry into the EU.

“A similar trend of change can be traced in relation to NATO membership in the difference that this issue in the cross-regional dimension was much more polarized until 2013. Now the majority of residents in the west and centre, south and east support NATO membership. “, say sociologists.

The survey was conducted from July 6 to July 20 through telephone interviews. 2,000 respondents living in all regions of Ukraine except occupied Crimea and ORLDO, and those who moved abroad after February 24, 2022, were covered.

The error is no more than 2.4% plus some systematic deviation due to wartime conditions.

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