Serbia thanks Russia for support on Remembrance Day for Serbs Killed and Deported – embassy – world


MOSCOW, August 4. / TASS /. Serbia continues to fight against attempts to erase the war crimes against the Serbian people and, in this regard, is grateful to Russia for its support on the issue of preserving the country’s territorial integrity, the official. Serbian businessman in Moscow, Slavoljub Caric, said on Remembrance Day for Serbs Killed and Deported.

He said that Serbia and Republika Srpska today remembered the victims of World War II and Operation Storm, a military operation undertaken by the Croatian army in 1995.

“Serbia and Republika Srpska will fight resolutely together against the silence on the Serbian victims. We want reconciliation and peace, but we will not accept humiliation and silence. the biggest crimes since World War II that have gone unpunished, ”Caric said.

Operation Storm left around 2,000 dead or missing and nearly 250,000 homeless. Caric said it was very important for the Serbs to ensure that the Russian people knew about the tragic events at the end of the 20th century.

“Russia’s support as a permanent member of the UN Security Council and one of the most important countries in the world is of great importance to us. We very much appreciate its support on the issue of preservation of our territorial integrity and continue to develop cooperation with Moscow on different tracks, ”Caric stressed.

He stressed that the Serbs in Croatia today face discrimination and that their fundamental rights are violated.

“Unfortunately, the situation of Serbs in Croatia as it is, they are denied the right to their language, their culture and a decent life. The current trend could possibly make the life of Serbs in Croatia unbearable in terms of We will continue to insist and use diplomacy to highlight the position of the Serbs in Croatia, “he said.

Different visions of history

Croatia has declared Operation Storm a “liberation from Serbian occupation”. August 5th is a public holiday there. In this regard, Caric declared that Serbia considered inadmissible the participation of foreign diplomats in official ceremonies: Belgrade decrees a day of mourning on this date every year.

“It is impossible to understand the presence of representatives of the international community and the diplomatic corps at the celebrations marking the anniversary of Operation Storm in Croatia,” he concluded.

Caric said Serbia was open to dialogue with neighboring countries.

“Disagreements do not mean that we will not cooperate with Croatia and other countries in the region. Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and our government prove it again and again. It is important for us to develop good cooperation with Croatia because we are neighbors and we have a lot in common in terms of culture and language, even though we take very different approaches to different historical events, ”he explained.

Caric is certain that the divisions between Belgrade and Zagreb will not hamper Serbia’s accession to the European Union.

“We hope Croatia will not use bilateral disputes to disrupt our admission to the EU. After all, it is an official policy of the European Union: bilateral disputes must not affect this process. We think Croatia is well aware of this, “he said.

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