Slovenian MEPs disappointed with Slovenian EU Presidency

STA, December 10, 2021 – Slovenia could have left a better impression during its EU Presidency – as work has been good at technical level, political divisions and government action regarding the European Delegated Prosecutors (EDP) and the Slovenian News Agency (STA) cast the country in a bad light, three of the eight Slovenian MPs said on Friday.

Franc Bogovič (PPE), Tanja Fajon (S&D) and Ljudmila Novak (PPE) took part in the Café conference with MEPs in Brussels, which focused on the Slovenian Presidency of the EU.

As the most critical of the three, Fajon said the presidency has largely been a missed opportunity while admitting that the work at the technical level in Brussels has been good.

Fajon, a member of the Social Democratic opposition (SD), believes that too much focus has been placed on the rule of law in Slovenia, which has cast a shadow over the presidency.

Novak, member of the New Slovenia coalition (NSi), regrets that the image that the government projected with its action concerning the EDP and the STA was perceived more than the good intensive work and the progress made.

She highlighted the achievement of the presidency the agreement reached on the minimum wage, saying it was a very difficult issue and no one expected a breakthrough.

Bogovič highlighted the excellent work of many Slovenian representatives while criticizing Fajon and some other Slovenian MEPs, including Klemen Grošelj (Renew), for what he said was the export of internal political issues to the European Parliament.

“Our internal divisions will not be resolved by European newspapers, but by us,” said Bogovič, member of the Non-Parliamentary People’s Party (SLS).

MEPs also touched on other topics, including the Western Balkans and EU enlargement, primarily North Macedonia and Albania.

Fajon regretted that there had been no breakthrough in launching accession negotiations with the two countries, but admitted that the Slovenian presidency could not be blamed.

The three MEPs also commented on a resolution on the rule of law in Slovenia which has been submitted to the European Parliament by the Social Democrats, Liberals, Greens and the Left and which MEPs will vote on Thursday.

Fajon said the document is very critical, Novak said the EPP has gone to great lengths to get it balanced, while Bogovič said he does not treat Slovenia negatively because he says the mechanisms fundamental principles of the rule of law work and that there are no such loopholes as there are in Poland and Hungary, or in Malta and Slovakia, where journalists are being killed.

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