St. Anthony Police: Suspect Vehicle in Armed Robbery Found, Public Help Needed

St. Anthony police say they need the public’s help in identifying a suspect after they say they found an unoccupied vehicle believed to have been at the scene of an armed robbery.

Police said the vehicle was parked on 29th Avenue, just west of Stinson Boulevard.

Officials say the vehicle was hijacked in St. Paul on January 18 and was involved in two armed robberies – the original carjacking, as well as a subsequent theft. The suspect, who officials say is armed with a small framed black semi-automatic handgun, was able to carry men’s clothing, a red gym bag and approximately $200 in cash.

Community members who live between the Pentagon Mall and 29th Avenue/Stinson Boulevard, as well as the area just west of the intersection, are asked to check their doorbells and security cameras to help the police in their investigation.

Police had previously identified the suspect as a larger white male, around 40 years old and around 6ft 2in tall.

Anyone with information is asked to call St. Anthony Police at 952-358-5321.

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