State Representative Andrew Sorrell Announces State Auditors Campaign


By CAROLINE BECK, Alabama Daily News

State Representative Andrew Sorrell R-Muscle Shoals officially announced his campaign for the state auditor on Monday, saying he wanted to put more responsibility on the role.

“The auditor job has been stripped of its duties and responsibilities over the past 100 years and I think that’s a shame,” Sorrell said. “I could help rebuild that position a bit because there are people who say, hey, we have to get rid of this position, that’s not enough. I say no, we don’t need to get rid of it, we need to give it responsibility.

The auditor’s office reports to the governor on the receipts and disbursements of receipts collected and paid to the Treasury. He is also responsible for accounting for government assets costing $ 500 or more.

Sorrell has said he would like to see the responsibilities of the Public Examiners Department returned to the Auditor’s Department and has attempted to pass legislation on it this year, but has been unable to pass it.

The Examiner’s Office may audit the books, accounts and records of all state and county offices, agents, bureaus, boards, commissions, corporations, departments and agencies and report on expenses, contracts or other audit findings found to be in violation. of the law.

Sorrell was first elected to the Legislative Assembly in 2018 in the 3 House District and is one of the more fiscally conservative members of the State House. He consistently votes against all bills that would spend or borrow state dollars, including state budgets.

“I mean, who else would you rather have to keep track of your affairs for the state than someone who is very, very tax-conservative,” Sorrell said.

Sorrell also said he worked during the legislative session to reduce cuts to the auditor’s budget this year and believes most of the attacks on current state auditor Jim Zeigler are political.

“I watched how they treat Zeigler, just to be an outspoken conservative and it bothered me,” Sorrell said.

In his second term, Jim Zeigler will not be able to stand for re-election.

So far, the only other candidate announced for the office is Republican Stan Cooke. Primary is May 24, 2022. Zeigler’s wife, Jackie Zeigler, is currently a member of the State Board of Education and “testing the waters” for an auditor position next year, Jim Zeigler recently said in a report. -mail.

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