Statements by the Deputy Minister of Innovation at the ceremony marking the accession of Cyprus to the GCO

It is with great pleasure that I welcome to Cyprus HE Mrs. Deemah Al-Yahya, Secretary General of the Digital Cooperation Organization (DCO) on this very special occasion, marking Cyprus’s accession to the DCO. We are truly excited to be part of this great effort to create a global economy that harnesses digital technology and innovation to deliver sustainability, prosperity and inclusion for all. It is a vision of a world that pools its strengths, capabilities and diversity to meet the greatest challenges ahead – a world that works effectively together to deliver lasting impact that will benefit our people, to our businesses and our planet.

The network of global economic connections is deepening, widening and becoming more complex. Digital is placed at the heart of global developments, becoming more and more integrated into daily life, in a world that is more interconnected than ever. We are all at an important industrial, economic and societal turning point, facing common challenges and sharing common goals, values ​​and interests. It is therefore necessary that we invest in our common future, through a strong, high, reliable and wide-ranging partnership at the multilateral, regional and global levels. International forums like the DCO provide us with a unique platform, tools and means to achieve our development goals. It’s about creating a better future together.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the founding member countries – and in particular Saudi Arabia for also hosting the Organization – for this new and yet so promising initiative aimed at strengthening collaboration and cooperation in the digital field and to assure you that the Republic of Cyprus is committed to proactively and effectively participating and leading the collective efforts in this transformational journey. Our goal is to achieve greater and sustained adoption of digital adoption across government, business and society, empower our people, foster an ecosystem that unlocks new opportunities, builds resilience and improves the well-being of society.

Cyprus, as a country, has a lot to offer in this multilateral equation. We have made tremendous progress in developing our digital economy, investing in gigabit connectivity and emerging technologies, shaping a new cybersecurity framework, promoting innovative entrepreneurship and facilitating the digital transformation of businesses, advancing the digital readiness of our workforce and citizens, and implementing an aggressive approach to the e-government agenda. Our national ambitions and strategic objectives are fully aligned with the mission of the DCO, and we strongly believe that collaboration within the Organization will be crucial for all members to achieve their own economic development goals.

Capitalizing on its geostrategic location, Cyprus has traditionally maintained strong and close ties with the countries of the region, both bilaterally and multilaterally. We sincerely believe that our joining the DCO will inject new impetus into the development of our existing friendly and mutually rewarding relationships. As the first EU Member State to join the COD and a natural crossroads between Europe, Asia and Africa, Cyprus aspires to act as a bridge between nations, peoples and ideas, facilitating communication , collaboration and knowledge transfer, while paving the way for others. join.

We are very proud to be part of this exciting journey and to share our knowledge and experiences with the global community. We are confident that the Digital Cooperation Organization will continue to grow and expand its activities, amplifying the impact of international cooperation in accelerating the growth of the digital economy and building a unified, stable world. and prosper.



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