the government’s “ultimate goal” is to join the EU

Maka Botchorishvili, chairwoman of the European Union Integration Committee of the Georgian parliament, said on Tuesday that the “ultimate goal” of the Georgian authorities was to see the country join the EU, and that the “most important” was to make “rapid progress” on This path.

In his remarks on the matter, Botchorishvili noted that the group of members of the European Parliament who “actively support” Georgia’s EU membership is “quite large”.

“The group of MEPs who actively support the idea of ​​Georgia joining the European Union and who are ready to contribute to this process is quite large. Of course, the question of the implementation of the [EU] conditions is relevant, because it is a kind of guide for Georgia to make further progress in its relations with the European Union,” said the head of parliament.

With our European colleagues, we discuss how this process is going, the challenges we face in this process and how we can succeed together so that Georgia receives the status of a candidate country. Our ultimate goal is to join the European Union, and the most important thing is that we move quickly on the road to joining the European Union,” she concluded.

Josep Borrell, the European Union’s high representative for foreign affairs and security policy, said on Tuesday that implementing the 12-point conditions for obtaining candidate status for EU membership was not only the job of the Georgian government but that “everyone”, including citizens, should stand together to implement the recommendations.

On 24 June, the European Council granted candidate status to Ukraine and Moldova, and declared that it would be ready to grant the same status to Georgia once the outstanding priorities were defined by the European Commission would be handled by the Georgian government.

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