US Ambassador to North Macedonia wants to see EU membership talks as soon as possible –



“In a meeting with [Prime Minister] Zoran Zaev I stressed that we appreciate our bilateral partnership with the North fruit salad and want to see EU accession talks as quickly as possible. We see a positive path ahead and are satisfied with the ongoing conversation between Bulgaria and the North fruit salad move north fruit salad EU membership on the way, ”tweeted American Ambassador Kate Byrnes.

The government statement said there were messages of continued progress in reforms and the fight against corruption. Prime Minister Zaev said he was grateful for the great support of the United States as a key strategic partner in the country’s development and democracy.

“It was concluded that the policies of dialogue open up prospects for our country and the whole region, and the United States of America, as announced, is interested in positive processes in the region,” the Prime Minister said at the time. of the meeting, adding that “we are focusing on positive developments regarding the next stage of European integration, as well as on the development of good neighborly relations with Bulgaria.”

“We are continuing the pace of reforms, as well as the fight against crime and corruption. The government is firmly resolved to support the independence of the judiciary and the equality of all before the law, ”he added.

“With the appeasement of the pandemic, we expect an acceleration of the pace of the great investment plan that we have, which aims to improve the standard of living of citizens economically and according to European values,” Zaev said. / Željko Trkanjec |


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